Session Details

Domme Tributes:

One half hour- $200

One hour - $300

Ninety minutes - $450

Two hours - $600

Three hours - $850

One day

(12pm-Midnight or 8pm-8am) - $1,200+

2 day weekend $2,500+

***Please note: for virtual options, click here***

Social Time:

Dinner (2hrs) $250

Dinner + a session $150

Coffee/lunch/etc (1hr) $150

Fetish Esthetics:

Vajazzling $150

Sissification $300

CBT Grooming $250

Forced Shaving $250

Forced Waxing $250

Brazilian Backdoor $150

Brazilian Kink $150

BDSM Facial $350

Electro Play Facial $350

Human Pup Grooming $250

Grooming & Sensation Play $300

Distant training and virtual domination. Skype, Zoom, email, phone calls available. Tributes can be paid in cash, deposit must be sent digitally. Tributes when traveling are usually higher. Please inquire if you're unsure.

A complete fetish form and deposit

Sessions in My home base of ATL, I typically session Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 am-8:00 pm

Same Day sessions

Same day sessions for new subs are not allowed. I up charge $150 for same day appointments or sessions booked on Monday/Sunday.


I love sessions with couples! Tribute is $200 extra for couples.

Double Domme

If you're interested in a double Domme session or submissive woman/femme are possible with enough notice. Tribute for 90 minute session starts at $800

Want to make a special impression on me? Use My WishList, it's catnip for cats like Me! 🐾

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